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Action / Horror / Sci-Fi
1 hr 41 min

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Outpost: Black Sun yts
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Plot Summary:
A pair of investigators team up with a Special Forces Unit to venture deep inside a war raging between the military and a massive army of Nazi Zombie Stormtroopers. Their mission is to fight their way behind enemy lines, locate the technology at the source of this growing threat and prevent the seemingly inevitable rise of the 4th Reich.
Steve Barker
Top Cast
Michael Byrne as Neurath

Richard Coyle as Wallace

Clive Russell as Marius

Catherine Steadman as Lena

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Outpost: Black Sun review

Reviewed by gabriel_sanchez

3 / 10

Poor entry, but the whole series is not that great either, so… watchable?
What Outpost (2008) brought with that weird, but kinda interesting – and convoluted, to say the least – plot, Outpost: Black Sun, 4 years later, sort of… tears apart by including generic trends into the mix.

It revolves around most nations aware of what’s going on at them forgotten lands and, as usual, wanting to put their dirty hands into that kinky little device that turns soldiers into super soldiers (with the side effect of them acting like a bunch of zombies). In the mix, another expendables, an unexperienced Nazi hunting girl and another engineer are looking for the device so they can save the world.

Some plot twists here and there, but yeah, movie is kinda watchable, if you like B horror movies.

One thing that I never understood is why they could literally survive through years and years as super-ghostlike-soldiers, but they chose to fight bare handed and not bring any of their arsenal with them. No-brainer.

Oh, and that “Star Wars”-ish scene… downranked a solid 4 stars into 3.

Overall, meh entry for the Outpost series. Watch it only if you are up for watching the whole series.Read More

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