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Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller
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Plot Summary:
The Hamiltons seem to be the picture-perfect American family. They are hardworking community members; giving to their local charities, attending town hall meetings and always respectful of their neighbors…except for the fact that they usually end up killing them.
Mitchell Altieri
Top Cast
Brittany Daniel as Dani Cummings

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The Hamiltons review

Reviewed by poolandrews

2 / 10

Another totally crap ‘Film to Die For’.
The Hamiltons tells the story of the four Hamilton siblings, teenager Francis (Cory Knauf), twins Wendell (Joseph McKelheer) & Darlene (Mackenzie Firgens) & the eldest David (Samuel) who is now the surrogate parent in charge. The Hamilton’s move house a lot, Franics is unsure why& is unhappy with the way things are. The fact that his brother’s & sister kidnap, imprison & murder people in the basement doesn’t help relax or calm Francis’ nerves either. Francis know’s something just isn’t right & when he eventually finds out the truth things will never be the same again…

Co-written, co-produced & directed by Mitchell Altieri & Phil Flores as The Butcher Brothers (who’s only other film director’s credit so far is the April Fool’s Day (2008) remake, enough said) this was one of the ‘Films to Die For’ at the 2006 After Dark Horrorfest (or whatever it’s called) & in keeping with pretty much all the other’s I’ve seen I thought The Hamiltons was complete total & utter crap. I found the character’s really poor, very unlikable & the slow moving story failed to capture my imagination or sustain my interest over it’s 85 & a half minute too long 86 minute duration. The there’s the awful twist at the end which had me laughing out loud, there’s this really big sustained build up to what’s inside a cupboard thing in the Hamiltons basement & it’s eventually revealed to be a little boy with a teddy. Is that really supposed to scare us? Is that really supposed to shock us? Is that really something that is supposed to have us talking about it as the end credits roll? Is a harmless looking young boy the best ‘twist’ ending that the makers could come up with? The boring plot plods along, it’s never made clear where the Hamiltons get all their money from to buy new houses since none of them seem to work (except David in a slaughterhouse & I doubt that pays much) or why they haven’t been caught before now. The script tries to mix in every day drama with potent horror & it just does a terrible job of combining the two to the extent that neither aspect is memorable or effective. A really bad film that I am struggling to say anything good about.

Despite being written & directed by the extreme sounding Butcher Brothers there’s no gore here, there’s a bit of blood splatter & a few scenes of girls chained up in a basement but nothing you couldn’t do at home yourself with a bottle of tomato ketchup & a camcorder. The film is neither scary & since it’s got a very middle-class suburban setting there’s zero atmosphere or mood. There’s a lesbian & suggest incestuous kiss but The Hamiltons is low on the exploitation scale & there’s not much here for the horror crowd.

Filmed in Petaluma in California this has that modern low budget look about it, it’s not badly made but rather forgettable. The acting by an unknown (to me) cast is nothing to write home about & I can’t say I ever felt anything for anyone.

The Hamiltons commits the cardinal sin of being both dull & boring from which it never recovers. Add to that an ultra thin story, no gore, a rubbish ending & character’s who you don’t give a toss about & you have a film that did not impress me at all.Read More

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