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Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
1 hr 33 min

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Plot Summary:
Once upon a time… in the far away kingdom of Dor… lived a brave and virtuous mouse with comically oversized ears who dreamt of becoming a knight. Banished from his home for having such lofty ambitions, Despereaux sets off on an amazing adventure with his good-hearted rat friend Roscuro, who leads him, at long last, on a very noble quest to rescue an endangered princess and save an entire kingdom from darkness.
Sam Fell
Top Cast
Christopher Lloyd as Hovis

Emma Watson as Princess Pea

Matthew Broderick as Despereaux

Sigourney Weaver as Narrator

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The Tale of Despereaux review

Reviewed by dumsumdumfai

8 / 10

Gentle, soft focus, with an expected big ending
I think I get it. This animation has a very specific look and feel. It is definitely not Pixar or Disney.

Even the story goes back to the days of knights, castles, princess in distress and the King as a sidekick.

Now the plot gets a bit complicated, characters of all kinds shows up. And there’s a big scene near the end. But this is somewhat gentle, a throwback.

Still I can’t get over the look. So distinct that it stayed in my mind. There’s some softness which unlike most animation these days – are overly sharp for my tastes. And some characters’ are drawn with slightly overdrawn features – except the mouses. While others are fairly normal in a sense.

The story does shifts from perspective to perspective. Maybe some will get annoyed by this – and particularly not really done for extensive takes in animation. But I am OK. Maybe kids will get a bit confused by this ?Read More

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