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Action / Drama / History / War
2 hr 50 min

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Plot Summary:
The story of a group of men, an Army Rifle company called C-for-Charlie, who change, suffer, and ultimately make essential discoveries about themselves during the fierce World War II battle of Guadalcanal. It follows their journey, from the surprise of an unopposed landing, through the bloody and exhausting battles that follow, to the ultimate departure of those who survived.
Terrence Malick
Top Cast
Miranda Otto as Marty Bell

Jared Leto as 2nd Lt. Whyte

John Travolta as Brig. Gen. Quintard

George Clooney as Capt. Charles Bosche

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The Thin Red Line review

Reviewed by ninjawaiter

1 / 10

The Thin Red Line Between Boredom and Sleep
This absurdly pretentious atrocity of a film is beloved by pretentious film school students and critics, but abhorred by basically everyone else. It holds an inflated rating because it came out before online reviews existed, and is in general only reviewed in retrospect by fans of the auteur director and those same pretentious film school fools already mentioned. General audiences hated the film at the time of its release, and doubtless would continue to hate it if they even remembered it.

I saw this one in theaters myself, and while I managed to stay in the “utterly bored” camp, at least one of my friends crossed that thin red line into falling asleep, which one would think would be difficult in a war film, but alas, this is a three hour-long bad poetry recital, with occasional shots of a war film playing in the background.

The film gets so much wrong it would be a monumental task to draw attention to it all, but the attitudes of virtually every character seem transported from some other era, Vietnam perhaps, and painted garishly thick over a setting in which they clearly do not belong. Every character is a cynic in a time where cynicism was not celebrated; few characters are deeply religious in a time when religion was pervasive, and those who are religious are presented as idiotic stereotypes; every character is against the war and resents being “forced” to fight, at a time when American patriotism was at an all-time high, enlistments were through the roof, and the American public’s support for the war was as close to universal as it ever has been. The director’s understanding of the Second World War, and particularly of the Guadalcanal Campaign, are woefully lacking, and as a result the entire tone of the film is critically flawed.

I could go on, but most of the people reading this review are likely to be those same pretentious film school students I’ve already slighted, sure to ratio my review into oblivion. If that’s you, I honestly wish you the joy of this film. The universe requires some balancing after I sat through this atrocity for a second time.Read More

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