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Action / Comedy / Drama / Sport
1 hr 46 min

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Plot Summary:
When down-on-his-luck part-time high school wrestling coach Mike agrees to become legal guardian to an elderly man, his ward’s troubled grandson turns out to be a star grappler, sparking dreams of a big win — until the boy’s mother retrieves him.
Tom McCarthy
Top Cast
Bobby Cannavale as Terry Delfino

Paul Giamatti as Mike Flaherty

Burt Young as Leo Poplar

Melanie Lynskey as Cindy

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Win Win review

Reviewed by MartinHafer

8 / 10

Stick with this one… does get better the longer you watch.
“Win Win” is an unusual film because it starts out VERY slowly and I even considered turning it off–and yet I am glad I didn’t. The further the film progressed, the better it got. Part of the reason it went so slowly is that I had a very hard time relating to the leading character (played by Paul Giamatti)—and it’s hard staying focused on such a jerky guy. But, it also was just very slow. The film managed to soften this guy a tad but more importantly it brought in other characters and situations that made you care–and want to see how it all works out by the end.

Giamatti plays a lawyer whose practice is on the rocks. To earn some extra money, he does something unethical–he gets the court to appoint him guardian for an elderly client with the promise that he would not have the old guy (Burt Young) committed to a nursing facility but keep him home. But, instead he quickly puts the guy in an old folks home and collects a monthly stipend for being the guardian. Nice guy, huh? On the side, Giamatti works as a wrestling coach for a high school team that is just terrible. However, out of the blue, Young’s grandson shows up and has no place to live–so the Coach takes him home. He and his wife soon learn that this teen has no place to live because his mom is an addict. The coach also learns, to his surprise, that the boy is a marvel at wrestling–so good, he might be good enough to get a scholarship to college! Things are looking great despite Giamatti’s deception…but when the boy’s mother shows up looking for money, all that they are working for appears in jeopardy.

Overall, despite the spicy language (which is a #$&@! shame since it would be great for teens to see this film and some parents might balk at this), this was an excellent film. It also shows you can like a film even if the leading man is very difficult (at first) to like. It is because you really do care for the kid and his relationships (such as with Giamatti’s wife and best friend) are touching. I also liked it because of my insights into some of the film–I wrestled for several years and was a social worker who worked with families just like the one in the film–and it felt honest. The filmmakers did their homework and portrayed both very, very well. Well worth your time.Read More

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