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Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Horror
1 hr 31 min

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Plot Summary:
Reg and Lindsay run an organic fertiliser business. They need a fresh supply of their “secret ingredient” to process through the meat grinder. Reg comes across two guys and a girl with a broken-down vehicle on their way to a music festival.
Cameron Cairnes
Top Cast
Angus Sampson as Lindsay Morgan

Damon Herriman as Reg Morgan

Anna McGahan as Sophie

John Jarratt as Sgt Burke

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100 Bloody Acres review

Reviewed by videorama-759-859391

8 / 10

One bloody funny comedy
What this movie has going for it, is that it is an impressively funny comedy, and the gore isn’t really that disturbing, because it looks very fake, but this is exactly how the film, was meant to be taken. It wonderfully succeeds in that department, making for a 2013 ocker hit. The always talented Herriman and his domineering brother, a real deeply dark, and disturbing performance by our Angus Sampson who played Prozac in Dags, run a dark organic fertilizer business, and have a guess what gets mixed in with the fertilizer. It’s a little bit Motel Hellish, but far far better. There’s some classic moments, and there’s some of that real sharp cutting humor that made Two Hands the hit it was, and we do see a greater loss than hands go astray, and too we too have one gross, abhorrent, repellent, and gross, sex scene you’ll never see coming, where if like Herriman, trying to acquire those keys, you’d want to parry your eyes as much as you could, or may’be sneak a peek in morbid fascination. Yes this film is a little morbid, and likable Anna Gaghan as one of the hostage witnesses to Herriman’s and Angus’s insane operation, again shows her natural and realistic acting as a two timing sl.. no I won’t say that word, who now falls in love with Reg, (Herriman) and you probably, thinking they live happily ever after right. Well I wouldn’t want to ruin it for it. It’s no surprise Jarratt shows up in this as a motorcycle cop. I loved the pom, one of Gaghan’s lays, he was a hoot and really attributed to the life of the film, especially in the humor area, which this indie film rides high on. Sampson’s performance rules the film though.Read More

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