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Action / Crime / Drama
1 hr 33 min

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100 Streets yts
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Plot Summary:
Three extraordinary stories covering infidelity, adoption, and a drug dealer turned actor intertwine as characters meet in the streets of London.
Jim O’Hanlon
Top Cast
Gemma Arterton as Emily

Idris Elba as Max

Emily Wyatt as PR Girl

Tom Cullen as Jake

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100 Streets review

Reviewed by Prismark10

4 / 10

A London story
100 Streets is an undernourished and underwhelming slice of life drama set in London focussing on six characters who only obliquely interact with each other.

Idris Elba plays Max, a former rugby star turned television pundit. His wife Emily (Gemma Arterton) caught him cheating with the babysitter and they have split up. Emily is now seeing someone else but it is Max whose life is unravelling with drugs and booze.

Kingsley (Franz Drameh) is a young drug dealer in the hood, he has been in trouble with the law but finds an avenue to express himself as a street poet when he meets an aged actor.

The most interesting story is of cab driver George (Charlie Creed-Miles) who with his wife Kathy (Kierston Wareing) are hoping to adopt a child but face several knocks including the revelation that George was a hooligan in his youth. The couple strive to pick up the pieces of their live in a positive way.

Elba has the more showy role which includes his rather public meltdown but the whole thing just felt rather depressing and undistinguished.Read More

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