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Plot Summary:
Colonial representatives gather in Philadelphia with the aim of establishing a set of governmental rules for the burgeoning United States. Benjamin Franklin and John Adams charge Thomas Jefferson with the task of writing a statement announcing the new country’s emancipation from British rule.
Peter H. Hunt
Top Cast
Howard Da Silva as Dr. Benjamin Franklin

Blythe Danner as Martha Jefferson

William Daniels as John Adams

Virginia Vestoff as Abigail Adams

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1776 review

Reviewed by DeanNYC

10 / 10

A Must See For Every American
Sherman Edwards was a modest teacher of history when he got the idea of creating a musical telling of the tale of the birth of the United States. As it turned out, even though the story of the Declaration of Independence was one most every American schoolchild knew, there was a lot more to it than the signing of a paper and the ringing of a bell.

The Broadway version of “1776” became a sensation with audiences and went on to win the Tony Award for Best Musical of 1969.

During this era of film-making, the musical was still considered to be a draw for audiences, so it was natural to take this show and bring it to the big screen. And best of all, John Warner brought the bulk of the cast from the show to the film. William Daniels IS John Adams to a lot of people, and his portrayal of the feisty proponent for independence is one of the great performances of any “real life” character. Daniels is equaled by his fellow Congressional cohorts, Ken Howard as the author of the document, Thomas Jefferson, and the amazing Howard Da Silva as the good doctor, Benjamin Franklin.

To me, the most remarkable element is the facts of the story are pretty much accurate, the timing of the events, measured with a wall calendar, keeps the tension going as we count down to that particular date… July 1st, 2nd, 3rd…

But it’s more than just the story of the founding of the country, it’s a love story, or really two, with the Jeffersons Martha, played by Blythe Danner and the Adams pair, with the incredible Virginia Vestoff as John’s Abigail who interacts with her husband only in his mind.

For a musical, it is something of a “warts and all” examination of the process, as the south refuses to sign a declaration that freed their slaves, as Jefferson had intended in the original draft. John Cullum brilliantly voices this discussion as the genteel South Carolinian, Edward Rutledge, in the hypnotic and haunting “Molasses to Rum.” In fact, every song in the score is well thought out, clever, truthful and very entertaining!

Maybe this isn’t *exactly* how the USA began, but, at least once a year, let’s say it is.Read More

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