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Action / Horror / Thriller
1 hr 28 min

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Plot Summary:
Four friends travel to a lakeside cabin for a carefree weekend, but the fun turns into a nightmare when 3 of them end up locked in a hot sauna. Every minute counts and every degree matters as they fight for their lives in the heat up to 247°F.
Levan Bakhia
Top Cast
Scout Taylor-Compton as Jenna

Tyler Mane as Wade

Travis Van Winkle as Ian

Michael Copon as Michael

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247°F review

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen

3 / 10

Went out of steam pretty quick…
I must admit that I had no idea what this movie was about, as I hadn’t even read the synopsis of the movie, nor did I have any prior knowledge about the movie. But still, it appeared to be a horror movie, so I took a chance and sat down to watch it.

Right, and now that I have, I have to ask myself one question; why? This movie was so weak in plot that it had more holes than a Schweiz cheese. I mean, a group of people in a cabin somewhere get stuck in a sauna that gradually increase in temperature. Sure. Why not?

The storyline in “247°F” was so simplistic that it was almost an insult to the audience. And it offers nothing, absolutely nothing, to challenge the intellect of the viewers in any possible way. This is simply just disable your brain, lean back and watch the movie. But don’t expect to be blown away, because “247°F” will not do so in any manner.

As for the acting in the movie, well I will say that people were doing adequate jobs with the limitations of the script and the storyline. However, the characters were awfully genetic and mundane.

For a horror / thriller then “247°F” was just as generic as they come, and it offered very little in terms of entertainment or in terms of being innovative in the genre. There is nothing new to be seen here actually.

If you enjoy a good horror movie, then do yourself a favor and spend your time, money and effort on something else, because “247°F” is hardly worth the effort.Read More

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