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A Haunted House 2 Movie Download

A Haunted House 2 YTS
A Haunted House 2 YTS
Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror
1 hr 26 min

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A Haunted House 2 yts
A Haunted House 2 movie download hd
Plot Summary:
After exorcising the demons of his ex-, Malcolm starts afresh with his new girlfriend and her two children. After moving into their dream home, Malcolm is once again plagued by bizarre paranormal events.
Michael Tiddes
Top Cast
Missi Pyle as Noreen

Dave Sheridan as Agouhl

Jaime Pressly as Megan

Marlon Wayans as Malcolm

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1 hr 26 min
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A Haunted House 2 review

Reviewed by kosmasp

3 / 10

Slightly better than the first one
Which isn’t saying much of course, but still. Especially if you consider the movies it parodies. Conjuring and Sinister were both great, Annabelle not so much. Of course the doll involved here (which is abused as much as possible, a thing you might find funny or not) has another name (close to Annabelle), not that you wouldn’t know which doll it is supposed to be, from the likeness alone.

Mr. Wayans does hold back on anything, which will either delight you or appall you. Hopefully you’ll find a thing or two to chuckle. One scene that did it a bit for me, was the one with the pump. It was almost (!) Monthy Python style. But it’s one moment of very crazy silliness. On the other hand you get meta(?) jokes, such as “Scary movies are not any good without the Wayans” (I’m paraphrasing here). Not sure if you agree with the statement or think it’s funny, but this is what you get … and who knows, if the DVD/Blu Ray is successful, you might get another one of those …Read More