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Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
1 hr 35 min

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Plot Summary:
In 1960s New York,¬†Walter Stackhouse is a rich, successful architect and unhappily married to the beautiful but damaged Clara. His desire to be free of her feeds his obsession with Kimmel, a man suspected of brutally murdering his own wife. When Walter and Kimmel’s lives become dangerously intertwined, a ruthless police detective¬†becomes convinced he has found the murderer. But as the lines blur between innocence and intent, who, in fact, is the real killer?
Andy Goddard
Top Cast
Patrick Wilson as Walter Stackhouse

Jessica Biel as Clara Stackhouse

Eddie Marsan as Kimmel

Haley Bennett as Ellie

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A Kind of Murder review

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle

4 / 10

cinematically lacking
It’s the winter of 1960/61 in New York City. Bookstore owner Marty Kimell (Eddie Marsan) recently lost his wife Helen and police detective Lawrence Corby (Vincent Kartheiser) is investigating the murder. Successful architect and aspiring crime novelist Walter Stackhouse (Patrick Wilson) is obsessed with the murder. He and his socialite wife Clara (Jessica Biel) throw a party which is attended by beautiful nightclub singer Ellie Briess (Haley Bennett). He spends his spare time secretly writing his book which drives his wife into rages of jealousy over Ellie.

It is a murder mystery based on a novel. Director Andy Goddard is more known as a TV director. He doesn’t have the cinematic flare. The production style is lacking despite the 60s decor. He is supposed to be an architect and the house does not stand out enough. Wouldn’t it be better if they have a stylish Manhattan apartment? Wouldn’t that be a simpler set to dress? More importantly, Goddard’s camera style is lacking. It looks like a TV movie. While it has the stuff of the era, it doesn’t have the soul of the era. It doesn’t have the noir murder mystery style that the story is so desperate to have. As for the murder mystery itself, it doesn’t start until Clara’s death well into the movie. It’s too far and the movie becomes too slow in its built. The actors are fine but they’re just wasting their time doing this movie.Read More

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