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A Rage in Harlem Movie Download

A Rage in Harlem YTS
A Rage in Harlem YTS
Action / Comedy / Crime
1 hr 55 min

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A Rage in Harlem yts
A Rage in Harlem movie download hd
Plot Summary:
A beautiful black gangster’s moll flees to Harlem with a trunkload of gold after a shootout, unaware that the rest of the gang, and a few other unsavoury characters, are on her trail. A pudgy momma’s boy becomes the object of her affections and the unlikely hero of the tale.
Bill Duke
Top Cast
Forest Whitaker as Jackson

Wendell Pierce as Louis

Danny Glover as Easy Money

T.K. Carter as Smitty

A Rage in Harlem 1991 720p.BluRay

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A Rage in Harlem review

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle

6 / 10

black gangster movie
Seductress gun moll Imabelle (Robin Givens) escapes a gunfight with white police in Mississippi and steals a trunk full of gold ending up in Harlem. Religiously devoted undertaker Jackson (Forest Whitaker) is a pushover and he completely falls under her spell. His brother Goldy (Gregory Hines) is a gangster. Easy Money (Danny Glover) is a more ruthless mobster. Scary men from the south have arrived looking for the gold.

Jackson needs an early scene with Goldy to set up their relationship. Robin Givens uses all her sex appeal. Whitaker is always good. In this one, he’s forced to bend a bit too far. He can be this pushover but he can’t be clueless. At times, he drifts into cluelessness. The writing is not always the best. Everybody is acting over the top in gangster style. It adds an interesting but flawed movie.Read More

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