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Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller
1 hr 29 min

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Airline Disaster yts
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Plot Summary:
When the President learns that domestic terrorists have skyjacked the passenger jet her brother is flying, she must choose between family and the safety of the people in the cities below
John Willis III
Top Cast
Meredith Baxter as President Harriet Franklin

Lindsey McKeon as Special Agent Gina Vitale

Scott Valentine as Joseph Franklin

Stephen Blackehart as Chief of Staff DeToro

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Airline Disaster review

Reviewed by RLARKT199

1 / 10

A waste of talent when’t into this piece of garbage. How could Meredith Baxter and the rest of the cast participate in the making of this film,makes me wonder. I saw the film,airline disaster for sale on 22.95 plus postage and handling. I would not pay 22 cents. If this show up in any rental shops or stores,avoid it like the plague. The special effects in this film were so cheap, and the action scenes,one agent disarms all the highjackers,I think their were 10 of them,and all of them got through the security points with their guns. The photography was bad,to be truthful,their is nothing I can say good about this film. Avoid it.

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