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Alex Cross YTS
Alex Cross YTS
Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller
1 hr 41 min

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Alex Cross yts
Alex Cross movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Alex Cross, a genius homicide detective/psychologist is trying to clean up the mean streets of Detroit while keeping his family out of the line of fire. As he mulls over accepting a job with the FBI, he is told that a friend has been murdered and he vows to track down the killer. Soon, he and his team are forced to match wits with a psychotic contract killer, who displays a disturbing commitment towards seeing his job through.
Rob Cohen
Top Cast
Carmen Ejogo as Maria Cross

Rachel Nichols as Monica Ashe

Giancarlo Esposito as Daramus Holiday

Jean Reno as Giles Mercier

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Alex Cross review

Reviewed by Troy_Campbell

4 / 10

Mediocre entertainment.
Adapted from James Patterson’s pulp novel ‘Cross’, this cat-and-mouse action flick more closely resembles an extended episode of ‘NCIS’ or ‘Law and Order’ than it does a fully-fledged feature film. The episodic narrative and say-everything-I’m-thinking dialogue destroys all subtlety and intelligence this may have had, whilst Rob Cohen’s murky, in-your-face direction is over-zealous, distracting and at times makes it difficult to decipher what’s actually going on in the action sequences. Tyler Perry is hugely popular in the States thanks to his dumbed-down, cross-dressing comedy output, but he goes full serious here to mixed results. Perry’s not a complete dud yet is easily out-acted by Matthew Fox, whose psychotic serial killer – replete with twitches, tics and crazy eyes – is fun to watch and elevates this from total boredom to mediocre entertainment.Read More