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Alter Egos Movie Download

Alter Egos YTS
Alter Egos YTS
Action / Comedy
1 hr 20 min

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Alter Egos yts
Alter Egos movie download hd
Plot Summary:
At a time when superheroes have lost government funding and public support, a superhero meets a girl who can help him overcome his own emotional crisis.
Jordan Galland
Top Cast
Brooke Nevin as Claudel

Danny Masterson as Jimmy

Christine Evangelista as Emily

Marina Squerciati as Dr. Sara Bella

Alter Egos 2012 720p.BluRay

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English 2.0

23.976 fps
1 hr 20 min
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English 2.0

23.976 fps
1 hr 20 min
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Alter Egos review

Reviewed by kosmasp

6 / 10

The other heroes
I reckon after Heroes was pulled off the TV there was a gap that had to be filled. But this is more than just a filler. But also less than something that will fully satisfy you. This is a b movie, it obviously has just a low budget to play around with. So it has to rely on the characters and actors in involves and stars for the most part of it.

Having said that, the actors are ok and the movie is decent overall. There are some very funny moments, but it cannot hold that tension for the complete running time. Still this is rock solid if you have a heart for these types of movies with quirky characters to boost

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