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Altitude YTS
Altitude YTS
Action / Crime / Thriller
1 hr 28 min

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Altitude yts
Altitude movie download hd
Plot Summary:
A female FBI agent is offered millions to help a thief escape from a hijacked airplane.
Alex Merkin
Top Cast
Dolph Lundgren as Matthew Sharpe

Denise Richards as Gretchen Blair

Jonathan Lipnicki as Rick

Greer Grammer as Sadie

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1 hr 28 min
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1 hr 28 min
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Altitude review

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca

4 / 10

Unintentionally amusing
HIJACKED is a cheap B-movie thriller about a gang of criminals taking over a passenger plane and letting rip. It’s a cheap, chaotic production, filled with bad humour and cheesy effects; some of the supporting performers are very wooden, as well as some of the leads, come to mention it. An aged Denise Richards is the closest thing this has to a protagonist; she plays a passenger drawn into a murky plot involving thieves, betrayal and Dolph Lundgren cameoing as one of the bad guys for a change. None of this is remotely possible to take seriously, and the fight scenes are particularly poorly staged, but it is rather amusing in an unintentional way.

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