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Altman YTS
Action / Biography / Documentary
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Altman yts
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Plot Summary:
Robert Altman’s life and career contained multitudes. This father of American independent cinema left an indelible mark, not merely on the evolution of his art form, but also on the western zeitgeist. With its use of rare interviews, representative film clips, archival images, and musings from his family and most recognizable collaborators, Altman is a dynamic and heartfelt mediation on an artist whose expression, passion and appetite knew few bounds.
Ron Mann
Top Cast
Bruce Willis as Himself

Steven Spielberg as Self

Robin Williams as Himself

James Caan as Himself

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Altman review

Reviewed by imseeg

7 / 10

“The only thing I miss about drinking is alcohol”
Robert Altman is admired amongst directors and actors, but despised amongst the producers of Hollywood. Isnt it ironic that some of his best work (The Player) is a terrific parody of all the pittfalls Hollywood digs for those trying to make a movie.

I have always wondered why there is such an admiration for him as a director, but the admiration grew out of his love for movie making and his love for the actors. And that love is being returned now. He treated his actors and his movie crew in a way few other Hollywood directors did. Robert Altman’s movies seemed to be sort of a family/friends gathering of like minded spritits who supported each other.

The guy made some terrific movies and he also made quite a few stinkers, movies that really were below par. But Robert Altman’s talents never faded, his passion never faded, it was the Hollywood industry that did or did not gave him the chance to film the way he wanted to, resulting in periods of eccletant succes and periods of drought and failures.

I’ll remember Altman for his classic movies. And after seeing this movie I’ll also remember him as a sort of a father of the actor’s community. Too bad he got an early stroke, after which he finally had to give up drinking. But up untill then he lived his live to the fullest, giving us audiences worldwide several beautiful movie classics!Read More