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Alvarez Kelly Movie Download

Alvarez Kelly YTS
Alvarez Kelly YTS
Action / Drama / Western
1 hr 56 min

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Alvarez Kelly yts
Alvarez Kelly movie download hd
Plot Summary:
In 1864, during the American Civil War, Mexican cattleman Alvarez Kelly supplies the Union with cattle until unexpected circumstances force him to change his customers.
Edward Dmytryk
Top Cast
Scatman Crothers as Bellhop

William Holden as Alvarez Kelly

Barry Atwater as General Kautz

Indus Arthur as Melinda

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Alvarez Kelly review

Reviewed by MartinHafer

4 / 10

Amazingly bland and uninteresting considering the cast and scope of this film
William Holden plays the title character–a man who could NOT care less whether the North or South won the Civil War. Oddly, this character is supposed to be from Mexican and Irish ancestry and I have absolutely no idea why they wrote this back story with William Holden in mind–especially since this IS a perfect role for Anthony Quinn. Imagine a film where Quinn actually got to play his TRUE ethnic background instead of an American Indian, Philipino or so many other odd casting choices that plagued much of his early career. But William Holden?! What a stupid casting decision! Plus, this character was supposed to be amoral–so who do you root for in this film?! The Southerners are often portrayed as rather unlikable and mean and the Northerners are generally shown as being rather bland and stupid.

While Richard Widmark and William Holden aren’t the greatest or most familiar Western stars, they were excellent actors and with these two and a rather substantial budget, this still should have been a much more compelling picture. Even with morally questionable and unlikable characters and miscasting of Holden, the film should have generated some level of excitement. Instead, it’s at best a time passer–and not a particularly memorable one due to occasionally over-done music, indifferent acting, and some portions that are just too talky and dull. Overall, this is one of the poorer films either Widmark or Holden made in the 1960s–one that is easy to skip.

A final note–Although I am sure that some slaves were so brainwashed that they actually rooted for the Confederates to win the war, this surely was NOT the norm. However, in this rather insensitive film, the “good Negroes” conspire to save the day for the South during one supposedly poignant scene! Yeah, right!Read More

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