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Amira & Sam YTS
Amira & Sam YTS
Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance
1 hr 30 min

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Amira & Sam yts
Amira & Sam movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Sam, a soldier who had served in Afghanistan and Iraq, meets Amira when he visits her uncle, Bassam, who had served as Sam’s Iraqi translator. Bassam and Sam have a special bond due to their time together in the war. Initially Amira does not trust him because he was an American soldier and her brother was killed by a bomb from American troops in the war. Sam’s cousin, Charlie, asks Sam to help him with illegal hedge funds unbeknownst to Sam at the time. Amira is staying with her uncle Bassam since her father died. She sells bootlegged films on the street corner but is forced to stay with Sam after getting busted; immigration officials begin pursuing her. As the film progresses, Sam and Amira fall in love.
Sean Mullin
Top Cast
Dina Shihabi as Amira

Paul Wesley as Charlie

Martin Starr as Sam

David Rasche as Jack

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Amira & Sam review

Reviewed by KATO-SUBZERO

10 / 10

a Beautiful Interracial Love Story. Two Thumbs Way up, high.
12 January 2016: I am a strong supporter of Interracial Love stories between men and women of all races since I live in an Interracial marriage myself. My favorites are “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”, “Something New”, “Our Family Wedding”, “The Lovings”, “Fools Rush In”, “Guess Who”, “Zebrahead”, “Mississippi Masala”and “Forbidden Fruits” to name a few.

I can now add “Amira and Sam” to my list, which I found by accident on the i-net. This movie is great from start to finish for various reasons. The entire cast was great, especially the two leads. Writer/Director Sean Mullin does a great job with this movie.

When Americans think of Interracial Love, we usually do Not think of American soldiers in love with Arab women or Arab women in love with American soldiers especially from such countries as Iraq or Afghanistan due to all the problems we have especially post 9-11. That is like sleeping with the enemy. If or when it does happen, it is very rare and neither side wants to open their hearts and minds to accept such a couple due to racism, bigotry and terrorism in America.

Middle Eastern women of Arab and Israeli decent are at times disowned by their immediate families for falling in love with men of a different race. God does Not see skin color, God only sees the heart and mind.

It is easy to fall in love and marry a person of the same race and nationality, but it takes a special effort and an open heart and mind to love and marry another race.

In this movie, we see the Amira, a tough young woman, with a hard turtle shell on the outside that wants nothing to do with Americans due to her brother was killed by an American soldier in her country. She is full of anger towards Sam because he is an American soldier. She is rambling on in anger with her uncle, but I love when Sam responds in Arabic and she is stunned and ask “You speak Arabic?” Sometimes I get a similar reaction when people hear me reply in Spanish or Hebrew, which are not my native languages.

Midway into this movie, Amira begins to drop her hard turtle shell exterior by sleeping next to Sam in his bed.

I love their first kiss, which is so sweet and innocent like two people who have never romantically kissed before, which leads to more kissing with passion. When it starts to get hot and heavy, she tells him to stop and he did what all men should do stop and respect her wishes.

The ending was good, but I wish that they would have gotten married by the end of the film. Great movie. I give “Amira & Sam” a ten, two thumbs up, way up high.Read More