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Action / Comedy / Crime
1 hr 36 min

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Plot Summary:
The mafia’s Paul Vitti is back in prison and will need some serious counseling when he gets out. Naturally, he returns to his analyst Dr. Ben Sobel for help and finds that Sobel needs some serious help himself as he has inherited the family practice, as well as an excess stock of stress.
Harold Ramis
Top Cast
Robert De Niro as Paul Vitti

Cathy Moriarty as Patti LoPresti

Pat Cooper as Masiello

Billy Crystal as Ben Sobel

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Analyze That review

Reviewed by topher_johnson

6 / 10

Analyse This had a freshness and uniqueness of concept that carried right through the film and made it an enjoyable fluffy comedy. Analyse That falls very adeptly into the stereotype of the sequel that tries to emulate the original and fails miserably. The jokes are the same but somehow less funny, the new characters add nothing notable, Robert DeNiro seemed lost and unsure of his character, Billy Crystal was just plain annoying at times and the story was alternately ridiculous and pedantic. Are we really supposed to be curious about whether or not he’s going straight? And in the end, did he?

6 is actually a bit generous, consider it a 5.5 rounded up.

But that’s just my two scents. ;)Read More

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