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Plot Summary:
In Japanese-occupied Korea, three freedom fighters are assigned a mission to assassinate a genocidal military leader and his top collaborator. But the plan goes completely awry amidst double-crossings, counter-assassinations, and a shocking revelation about one of the assassins’ past.
Dong-hoon Choi
Top Cast
Kyung Jin as Ahn Sung-Sim

Jung-jae Lee as Yeom Seok-jin

Ji-hyun Jun as An Ok-yun

Seung-woo Cho as Kim Won-bong

Assassination 2015 [KOREAN] 720p.BluRay

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Assassination review

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca

9 / 10

Great stuff
An exciting South Korean War thriller from the director of THE THIEVES; half of the cast of that film come back too. This one’s even better in my mind, with a story that’s more serious and more fraught; it involves a wide group of characters attempting to assassinate some Japanese and accompanying Korean traitors during the 1930s. A long film, but fast-paced and thoroughly engrossing with it. It does hit the ground running and comes across a little confusing in the first half hour, but then the complexity irons out and we’re left with a good mix of typically strong acting (hello, Lee Jung-jae and Ha Jung-woo) and excellent shoot-out set-pieces. Great stuff!Read More