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Barricade YTS
Barricade YTS
Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
1 hr 22 min

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Barricade yts
Barricade movie download hd
Plot Summary:
A father’s quiet retreat to the woods with his two children turns into a fight for survival.
Andrew Currie
Top Cast
Ryan Grantham as Jake Shade

Eric McCormack as Terrance Shade

Donnelly Rhodes as Sheriff Howes

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1 hr 22 min
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Barricade review

Reviewed by Boba_Fett1138

6 / 10

Effective low budget genre movie.
Nothing too great about this movie but it uses its low budget creatively and besides is a well made and good looking movie.

It’s absolutely, most definitely, a far more professional looking movie than the average low budget genre attempt. The directing, the editing, the cinematography, it’s simply all good, making this a perfectly watchable genre flick.

The movie does a good job at handling its mystery and tension. It’s being a real effective movie in that regard and the movie constantly keeps throwing you off. Is it being a horror flick, is it all taking place inside the head of main character? The movie implies lots of different things throughout, making you feel unsure what is exactly going on with the story. It really keeps things interesting and helps to keep things going, even when there really isn’t an awful lot happening.

This movie often just implies things, without ever truly showing you anything. This is what being creative with a low budget is all about, as opposed for instance other genre movies with a low budget, that show far too much or try to do too much with its restrained budget, with as a result things just look plain bad and work out more often ridicules or laughable. I really do believe that is the main reason why the movie in fact works out.

You could complain that the movie is too dark looking, which is true but again, I also see this in this case as using its low budget creatively. It besides does help to establish a certain type of atmosphere for the movie, which is the right type of atmosphere required for an horror.

It’s also certainly true that the movie does sort of fall apart toward it’s end but really, it’s not any worse than often is being the case with any other random genre attempt. Let me just say that it didn’t ruined the experience for me, which perhaps was also because I could see the end coming from miles away, as should any other horror lover. So it’s not surprising but still the movie does a good job at handling things and simply does what it does well enough.

Nothing too brilliant obviously but the movie as it is remains a perfectly watchable one.


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