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Beverly Hills Chihuahua Movie Download

Beverly Hills Chihuahua YTS
Beverly Hills Chihuahua YTS
Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance
1 hr 31 min

Beverly Hills Chihuahua YTS Movie Download HD Links

Beverly Hills Chihuahua yts
Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie download hd
Plot Summary:
A pampered Beverly Hills chihuahua named Chloe who, while on vacation in Mexico with her owner Viv’s niece, Rachel, gets lost and must rely on her friends to help her get back home before she is caught by a dognapper who wants to ransom her.
Raja Gosnell
Top Cast
Jamie Lee Curtis as Aunt Viv

Andy Garcia as Delgado

Piper Perabo as Rachel

Holly Fields as Additional voices

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1 hr 31 min
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Beverly Hills Chihuahua review

Reviewed by chrichtonsworld

6 / 10

This is a fun movie nothing more nothing less!
This movie has a lower rating than “Superhero movie”. And that was absolutely crap. I am not a child and not a dog lover. Still i found myself liking this movie.And no I am not suffering from any mental illness or something like that. Honestly the nerve of people to say something like that. I wonder if most of the reviewers actually have seen the movie. If so what did these people expect from a movie like this. A talking Chihuahua reciting a poem from Shakespeare or just a cute dog mixed up in some little adventure. Compared to previous Disney movies about animals it is on the same level. So what if it isn’t original. What movie is these days. This movie hasn’t got one dull moment. I sat through the movie without ever looking at the clock. And I can tell you that a lot of the big titles that came out this year wished they had the same effect on me.Most of the box office titles made this year have disappointed me much more because I had high expectations. For “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” i had no expectations whatsoever and got rewarded with fun.Read More