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Black Snake Moan Movie Download

Black Snake Moan YTS
Black Snake Moan YTS
Action / Drama / Music
1 hr 56 min

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Black Snake Moan yts
Black Snake Moan movie download hd
Plot Summary:
A God-fearing bluesman takes to a wild young woman who, as a victim of childhood sexual abuse, is looking everywhere for love, but never quite finding it.
Craig Brewer
Top Cast
Christina Ricci as Rae

Samuel L. Jackson as Lazarus

Justin Timberlake as Ronnie

Kim Richards as Sandy

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Black Snake Moan review

Reviewed by ironhorse_iv

7 / 10

Black Snake Moan is off the chain, great.
The title of this film, “Black Snake Moan” refers to a really old song by country blues musician, Blind Lemmon Jefferson in which, the singer talks about his sexual addiction and his moans for love, once more. Full of explicit sexual nuances, Jefferson’s song full of unconventional melodic style and utilization of double entendres, was able to fly pass the radar of censorship, back in the 1920s. As much, I like how Jefferson was able to pioneer this style of music. I have to say, actor, Samuel Jackson sings the song, so much better than Blind Lemmon Jefferson, ever did. Jackson was really able to update the song to fit with this new generation with his electric guitar playing, deep shouting gravitas voice, and depth of his character’s backstory. It was very moving part of the film. Honestly, most of this movie is very compelling with its controversial subjects that include but are not limited to rape, sexual addiction, parental abuse, anxiety disorders, and religious outlooks. Without spoiling this polarizing film, too much, I have to say, I kinda like the story of the grumpy hermit/ former Blues singer, Lazarus Redd (Samuel L. Jackson) trying to rebuild his life after a nasty divorce, while also, trying hard to cure, a known nymphomaniac, Rae Doole (Christina Ricci) from her faults. It made for a very well-told story. I love all the metaphors and symbolism that this film has to offer, too. A good example of one is the chain that Rae wears around her waist, during most of the film and the type of shirt, she is wearing. If you don’t realize it, already Rae represented the South, and its struggles, after the American Civil War. Not only, does her chain, represented the heavy weight of learning to live, with the mistakes and haunts of the past, but her chained up character is also stand-in, for the continuous, ignored issue of modern day slavery. After all, the region, is known for being a strong bible belt, but it also been known to keep that belt unbuckled when it comes to the dangers of having too lust, over the sense of love. The high reports of human trafficking, sexual abuse, and sex slaves is signed of that. Although, the chain can represented, something bad and naughty, it also can somewhat represented the unity that the South has, with its supply chain, when it comes to addressing the issue, in hand. There is no bigger metaphor of that, than the radiator in which Lazarus chain up Rae. It represented, the ever changing social climate of the South, as conflicts can indeed heat up, or cool down. No matter, how far, you run away from your issues. You will always been weighted down, by what society, thinks and wants from you. It’s only, when you able to address the past, and learn to live with yourself, in a moral life, is when the removal of the chain, can be seem, as a meaningful step toward a better future. Another thing, I like about this film is that Lazarus, isn’t a mysterious ‘magical black negro’ type character with no backstory, nor does Rae represented the ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ that is there to save his soul. In many ways, both characters are well-defined, with each, having their own issues to deal with, on their own, with or without the help from the other. Nobody is depended on the other, at all. Like Lazarus’s namesake, it’s about the redemption and resurrection of two, clearly mess up people. However, people might not see that, through the film’s poster and exploitation marketing. The way, they market, this movie makes it, seem like a more like a porno than a character study film. It really does overblows the potential fetish fuel of the film, at the expense of everything else. It’s not the best. Don’t get me wrong, Christina Ricci is one, attractive woman, but her character wasn’t made, just for nudity and fan service. She really, put some work, in showing how ugly and unhealthy, Rae can really be. She really does look pale and pasty. Even Samuel L. Jackson, ugly himself up, by letting his hair grow out, not dying or shaving, to show, how wash-up, his character has become. Both actors, really made their character, their own. I also have to give, mad props to both, the supporting actors in this film. Justin Timberlake as Rae’s boyfriend, Ronnie was great. He really was, able to show his character emotional crutch, with the way, his body language moves. He really did seem like he suffers from extreme social anxiety. It really shows Hollywood, that the then-newly made solo singer can indeed, acted. Another person that need some praise is Michael Raymond-James as Ronnie’s friend, Gill Morton. He was able to show both, his loving cares and hateful lust for Rae, making his performance, a very sympathetically real-life person. Even thought, he tries to make advances on Rae, which is a no-no, in my picture; I still can understand, what stress, he had to deal with when dealing with mess up people who supposed to be your friends. Overall: While, still many viewers will undoubtedly be offended by director Craig Brewer’s representation of a still-segregated, racist South; I have to say, I love how the film acknowledges the importance of sex, while also highlighting the danger of having sex irresponsibly, all without being too heavy-handed and preachy. I also cherish the film, for its use of ‘Delta Blues’ type music and how well-shot, it was. In the end, this clever morality tale about two unlikely characters is a must-watch. I do recommended. It’s pleasantly amazing.Read More