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Black & White & Sex Movie Download

Black & White & Sex YTS
Black & White & Sex YTS
Action / Drama
1 hr 32 min

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Black & White & Sex yts
Black & White & Sex movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Prostitute. Hooker. Sex Worker. Whore. Candid and seductive, Angie is determined to set the record straight about sex. As she reveals herself, layer-by-layer, she also exposes the man who is interviewing her. Sometimes provocative and confronting, sometimes tender, poignant and sexy, Black & White & Sex takes you behind the scenes and into Angies very special world. There’s a question here for every man and an answer for every woman. Anyone who pays is welcome – but leave your expectations at the door sex is never black and white. Written by Angie Winter
John Winter
Top Cast
Michelle Vergara Moore as Angie 5

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Black & White & Sex review

Reviewed by drforeman

3 / 10

More about the audience than the film
In this delightfully smug feature, a documentary filmmaker implausibly
allows himself to be bullied for two hours by an interviewee whose
approach to the questions being asked is, “%#$@ you.” While none of the
observations offered rise beyond the banal, her attitude of world-weary
wisdom with a side of condescension appears to be designed exclusively
to allow any viewer who might relate to her to feel good about it.
Apart from empowering those audience members with a chance to look with
scorn on everyone else in the room, the film accomplishes little. The
interviewer, cunningly devised to be the ideal shallowly moralistic and
unthinking opponent for his subject, never manages to ask a question
one might not find in a pamphlet. There is little in the way of insight
from the film’s parade of angry performers, many of whom seem thrilled
to have a chance to make use of acting skills they’re usually only
allowed to employ in angst-ridden productions at theatres downstairs
from the local coffee shop.

Oh, also it’s elegantly filmed in a striking black and white, and the
lead is played by a succession of disparate actresses. As someone once
nearly said: ten out of ten for style, but minus several million for
content.Read More