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Blood Brothers Movie Download

Blood Brothers YTS
Blood Brothers YTS
Drama / Horror / Thriller
1 hr 38 min

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Blood Brothers yts
Blood Brothers movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Two brothers fulfill their murderous fantasies, but doing so derails their relationship.
Jose Prendes
Top Cast
Barbara Crampton as Mother

Sean Whalen as Doug

Ken Foree as Homer

Hannah Levien as Genevieve / Vanity

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1 hr 38 min
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Blood Brothers review

Reviewed by kastrino

6 / 10

Not bad zero budget horror
To be honest I didn’t expect much of this movie , especially after a bit pretentious introduction but after a while it became quite engaging. The two characters of the title are more thought-over than one would expect and keep the whole movie on their shoulders. Help comes from the beautiful Barbara Crampton who was great as usual and the legendary Ken Foree who appears in a small role, while there is gore and violence to satisfy the modern horror fans. Surely it could have been better but even so it is a worthy 100 minutes and surely not for a 3/10 rating

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