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Blue Sky YTS
Action / Drama / Romance
1 hr 41 min

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Blue Sky yts
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Plot Summary:
Hank Marshall is a tough, square-jawed, straitlaced Army engineer and nuclear science expert, assigned to help conduct weapons testing in 1950s America. Hank has become a thorn in the side of the Army, though, for a couple of very different reasons. He is an outspoken opponent of atmospheric testing, though his superiors hold contrary views and want to squelch his concerns…and his reports. The other problem is his wife, Carly. She is voluptuous and volatile, wreaking havoc in his personal life and stirring up intrigue at each new Army base.
Tony Richardson
Top Cast
Tommy Lee Jones as Hank Marshall

Jessica Lange as Carly Marshall

Chris O’Donnell as Glenn Johnson

Timothy Bottoms as Owens Ranch Cowboy

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Blue Sky review

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg

8 / 10

As “Lange” as the sky is blue…
Tony Richardson’s final film was well-done. Carly Marshall (Jessica Lange) is the wife of military guy Hank Marshall (Tommy Lee Jones) in charge of atomic tests. Due to his frequent absence, she’s beginning to lose her grip on mental sanity. Somewhere along the line, she reaches the breaking point, which also makes her see the folly in Hank’s propagandistic work. She has no choice but to undermine it.

Jessica Lange finally won a well-deserved Best Actress Oscar for “Blue Sky” (she should have gotten one for “Frances”). Maybe some parts are a little hokey, but it’s overall a good movie, looking at the nuclear age and also relationships.

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