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Plot Summary:
A Japanese Yakuza gangster’s deadly existence in his homeland gets him exiled to Los Angeles, where he is taken in by his little brother and his brother’s gang.
Takeshi Kitano
Top Cast
Omar Epps as Denny

Tatyana Ali as Latifa

Pat Morita as Guy at the poker table

Antwon Tanner as Colin

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Brother review

Reviewed by Witchfinder-General-666

6 / 10

The Least Interesting Of Kitano’s Films, But Still Good
I am a huge fan of the brilliant cinematic genius Takeshi Kitano, his films “Hana-Bi” (1997) and “Violent Cop” (1991) are two of my all-time favorites and I also found several other Kitano films such as “Zatoichi” (2003) excellent. “Brother” of 2001 is in my opinion Kitano’s weakest film up to date, which does not mean that it’s bad. It is just not quite as brilliant as Kitano’s other work. Kitano is once again director and leading actor, and he once again delivers a great performance in the lead.

Yakuza Aniki Yamamoto (Kitano) flees to America after his death is ordered by a Yakuza clan. Yamamoto goes to LA where his younger brother Ken is supposed to study. Instead of studying, however, Ken deals drugs with some American friends. And it doesn’t take Yamamoto long to plan some drastic improvements for his little brother’s gang…

Takeshi Kitano’s performance is once again superb, this guy certainly is one of the greatest cinematic multi-talents who ever lived. I found the Japanese characters great in general, and if it was only for them, “Brother” would have probably almost reached Kitano’s masterpieces in brilliance. I personally didn’t like the American characters though. Omar Epps certainly is a good actor, but his character of Denny is just not very deep, simply the very stereotypical African American street gangster seen in two out of three cheesy Hollywood blockbusters. And that counts for the other American characters too. It wasn’t actually that bad with Omare Epps, simply because he is a very good actor. Besides the flatness of the American characters, I found the movie very good. It is once again beautifully and imaginatively filmed in typical Kitano style, and it has the typical Kitano humor that I love. The movie is also very violent, so it’s probably not for people who are easily offended by brutality in films. What I also really like about “Brother” is the fact that at least half of the movie is in Japanese. The Japanese characters also talk Japanese when they are in the US.

“Brother” is arguably Kitano’s weakest movie, and definitely my least favorite of his movies, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. We’re talking about a great cinematic genius here, and “Brother” certainly is a good, suspenseful, entertaining, stylish and interesting film. In case you don’t know Kitano yet, i recommend to watch “Hana-bi” or “Violent Cop” before watching this, but in case you’re already familiar with Kitano “Brother” is certainly worth watching. My fellow Kitano fans should not miss this. Recommended 7/10Read More