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Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance / Thriller

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Plot Summary:
When an unknown military force invades Bushwick, a Brooklyn neighborhood, young student Lucy and war veteran Stupe must rely on each other to escape and survive.
Jonathan Milott
Top Cast
Brittany Snow as Lucy

Dave Bautista as Stupe

Jeff Lima as Gregory

Angelic Zambrana as Belinda

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Bushwick review

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle

4 / 10

smells funky
Lucy (Brittany Snow) is bringing her boyfriend Jose to visit her grandma in Bushwick. They get off the subway and all hell breaks loose. Jose is killed. Men in black are killing everyone in running gun battles in the streets. The police is nowhere to be found. Lucy tries to hide. She is rescued from two thugs by a janitor named Stupe (Dave Bautista).

There are too many things that don’t pass the smell test. I don’t mind the confusion of the start but it can’t be nonsense. It does try to explain the men in black but again, it’s a lot of nonsense. There is a way to make it make more sense but there is an almost desperate need to keep the overall world structure simple. That also goes for other issues. They almost never just kill a man in black who is down and out. It’s annoying to see people knock out a man in black in hand to hand combat and not double tap him in the face. They also rarely strip the men in black of their weapons except for a few handguns. Apparently, people are willing to march into gunfire with nothing more than sports equipment. I call it comic book simplification. It’s less egregious when the hero is wearing a cape but this is trying to be ‘Realistic’. Trying and failing is sometimes more annoying than not trying at all.Read More

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