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1994 [ITALIAN]
Action / Comedy / Horror

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1 hr 45 min

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Plot Summary:
Cemetery watchman, Francesco Dellamorte, is tasked with dispatching the recently deceased when they rise from their graves.
Michele Soavi
Top Cast
Rupert Everett as Francesco Dellamorte

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728.47 MB
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Cemetery Man 1994 [ITALIAN] 1080p torrent details

1.54 GB
Italian 2.0

23.976 fps
1 hr 45 min
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Cemetery Man review

Reviewed by AlsExGal

8 / 10

Brilliant horror film mixes zombies and existentialism
What can you say about a movie that brilliantly intertwines zombies inexplicably rising from the dead in one particular cemetery, one misfit man who has the lonely mission to kill them and then goes insane doing it, and the mixture of horror and religious symbolism as only the Europeans can do it? The final scene of the movie has you questioning whether any of these people ever existed at all, even within the context of the film. In this last scene, Dellamorte (the cemetery man) decides to just drive away from the existence he has had up to now and start over somewhere else. However, when he leaves the tunnel that connects the town with the main highway he finds … nothing. The world just ends as if you were on the set of “The Truman Show”. You’ll certainly never look at a snow globe the same way again.

Did Dellamorte hallucinate the whole movie? Did the audience dream the whole movie? Are we all just characters in someone else’s imagination? For you Buffy fans out there, you’ll love the mixture of someone on a lonely thankless path to save the world and a tragically ended romance due to the protagonist’s focus on his mission.Read More

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