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Plot Summary:
Seven strangers find themselves unwitting participants in a U.S. government evacuation program gone horribly wrong.
Brad Osborne
Top Cast
Ian Sinclair as Aden

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Chariot review

Reviewed by Sleepin_Dragon

7 / 10

Better than expected.
Seven strangers wake up on board a plane, with no idea why they’re there, or who their fellow passengers are, it seems as though the world below is gone as they know it, and they must work together to survive.

I honestly had no idea where this was going, or how it was going to end, I was expecting it to turn into a sort of horror, but instead it turned out to be a thriller, shocking to consider it’s inspired by real life events.

I can’t really understand why this film got a generally negative reaction, surely it’s low budget, and some of the acting is a little questionable at times, but this film was packed with intrigue and suspense, you truly had no idea who was involved, or how it was going to end, I thought it was quite well written.

I suppose Cole was the hero of the piece, and probably the best character here, and for my money the best acting performance also.

7/10.Read More