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Plot Summary:
Nathan Flomm, in order to avoid the humiliation of having missed out on a hugely successful business, assumes a new identity on Martha’s Vineyard. He plots revenge when his former business partner moves to the same town.
Greg Mottola
Top Cast
Ian Cardoni as Barista

Michael Keaton as Joe Stumpo

Jon Hamm as Will Haney

Liev Schreiber as Tibor

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Clear History review

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg

7 / 10

Woody Allen vs. a CEO
I’ve never been a fan of Larry David. In most of the stuff where I’ve seen him he comes across as weird. Even so, “Clear History” is a very funny movie. This is mostly because David’s character is basically every character that Woody Allen plays. This is most apparent in his conversations with Liev Schreiber’s menacing Chechen. You just gotta appreciate the effort that David’s vengeful milquetoast puts into his scheme, even tricking Kate Hudson’s character about his identity. I actually thought that the funniest character was Michael Keaton’s quarry operator. Basically, Larry David is no great comedian, but he can be funny when he tries. I recommend this movie.