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Action / Drama / Sport
1 hr 45 min

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Plot Summary:
A native-American lacrosse team makes its way through a prep school league tournament.
Steve Rash
Top Cast
Crystal Allen as Julie Gifford

Gil Birmingham as Ben Logan

Brandon Routh as Joe Logan

Gracie Marie Bradley as

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Crooked Arrows review

Reviewed by cosmo_tiger

6 / 10

Entertaining family sports movie about the history of lacrosse in Native American culture & A Mighty Ducks remake. I say B-
“Restore pride to our people, and their game. That is your first obligation.” A Native American prep school lacrosse team is starting another season. Another very long season. When a change is made in order to restore pride in the people Joe Logan (Routh) is assigned as the new coach. A former All-American player himself (although he hasn’t played at all since missing the big shot) the school thinks they have the answer. First of all I will say that this is a good and entertaining movie. That said it took me a little more then halfway through before I realized why I was experiencing Deja-vu. The coach of the down-on-its-luck-rag-tag team used to be the star for the best team in the state. He missed the final shot of the season and is shunned. He starts off coaching for personal gain but begins to grow with the team and teaches them what being a team means. I could keep going on about it but what I’m getting at here is that this movie is almost a shot for shot remake of “Mighty Ducks”. This one deals with the history of lacrosse in the Native American culture and that part is interesting and the movie is entertaining but don’t expect anything original. Overall, a fun movie to watch as a family. I give it a B-.Read More

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