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Action / Crime / Horror / Romance / Thriller
2 hr 4 min

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Dark Moon Rising yts
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Plot Summary:
Small-town girl meets mysterious drifter boy, they fall in love. Only in this case, the boy brings with him a family curse and unimaginable horror that rains hell upon the small town
Dana Mennie
Top Cast
Lin Shaye as Sunny

Maria Conchita Alonso as Sheriff Sam Pantoja

Sid Haig as Crazy Louis

Billy Drago as Thibodeaux

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Dark Moon Rising review

Reviewed by nogodnomasters

4 / 10

There is a college community and Chace (Cameron White) is one of the students. He is taking literature after failing out of drama. He meets a number of interesting young ladies as he acts weird. There is also a local werewolf community that kills people, a community that came from the Vietnam Timber Wolf- not to ruin it for you, but Eric Roberts has a Vietnam flashback were he has long hair as an American Soldier and he sees a Vietnamese turn into a Timber Wolf.

Now that I mention it, the werewolves are a head scratch. Sometimes they are just plain real wolves. Sometimes they are awkwardly moving CG wolves that look like regular wolves. Other times they are huge classic clay animation wolves. Other times it is just people with sharp teeth who look like vampires.

Chace is a quiet lad who has “the inability not to speak.” He meets “The Dawn” (Stasi Esper) who “can see what you’re hearing.” The subtitle “Pray for sunrise” didn’t really fit as the wolves seem to control their turning, as one turned during the day. Eric Roberts had a confusing role, one they should have just cut out. Soon Hollywood will realize having Eric Roberts in the film will decrease sales.

The soundtrack was metal and offered lyrics such as “I’m not the person you once knew” which is great for a werewolf film.

Guide: F-bomb. Brief sex. Brief male nudity.Read More

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