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Darling YTS
Darling YTS
Action / Drama / Romance
2 hr 8 min

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Darling yts
Darling movie download hd
Plot Summary:
The swinging London, early sixties. Beautiful but shallow, Diana Scott is a professional advertising model, a failed actress, a vocationally bored woman, who toys with the affections of several men while gaining fame and fortune.
John Schlesinger
Top Cast
Julie Christie as Diana Scott

John Steiner as Man in conference room

John Schlesinger as Theatre Director

Laurence Harvey as Miles Brand

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Darling review

Reviewed by bkoganbing

8 / 10

Bedding The Rich And Famous
Laurence Harvey and Dirk Bogarde are two of the rich and famous who Julie Christie beds in her horizontal climb up the celebrity ladder to fame and fortune. Christie won an Oscar for her performance in Darling, a nice cinematographic record of swinging London of the Sixties. The only thing missing was a Beatles soundtrack.

Christie’s Diana Scott is something else, a total amoral sexual animal who uses her body to get ahead. In the end she becomes the UK’s first princess Diana as she marries an Italian Prince Jose Luis De Villalonga and gets something of a comeuppance when she finds she’s a unique version of a trophy wife. Christie does in fact have her needs.

Laurence Harvey plays his usual cold and calculating playboy cad, a part he practically patented in his career. Dirk Bogarde is fine as the intellectual British broadcaster, a kind of UK version of Charlie Rose who leaves his wife and family for Christie who then moves on to something better.

By 1965 the Code was a tumbling down and Darling talks a whole lot about very forbidden subjects up till that time. Darling is provocative and daring and when you see it, make sure you have your Hard Day’s Night album handy.Read More

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