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Plot Summary:
A camera crew catches up with David Brent, the former star of the fictional British series, “The Office” as he now fancies himself a rockstar on the road.
Ricky Gervais
Top Cast
Ricky Gervais as David Brent

Diane Morgan as Briony Jones

Nina Sosanya as Dr. Vivienne Keating

Kevin Bishop as DJ

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David Brent: Life on the Road review

Reviewed by Ruskington

6 / 10

Brilliant music but let down badly by the cruel treatment of Brent
I’m a big fan of Ricky Gervais’ work and consider The Office to be not just his greatest creation, but also one of the best TV comedies ever made. One of the show’s biggest strengths was its brevity and I always lived in fear of a dreaded third series that could potentially tarnish its great reputation. So I was a little dubious to say the least when this new David Brent movie was announced. Fortunately, it was only to be about Brent himself and none of the other characters would be involved, but I still felt this had the potential to be a disaster.

As it turns out, I quite enjoyed Life on The Road. Gervais is very solid as Brent and there are plenty of hilarious moments. Obviously, he is working with a much weaker and less-developed cast so the magic of The Office is simply not there but nor should you expect it to be. Tom Basden and Doc Brown are both pretty good and work well with Gervais, despite some major flaws in the writing.

The major positive about this movie is the soundtrack. There is no two ways about it, Brent’s/Gervais’ music is actually pretty damn good. And not in an ironic way either; this is genuinely enjoyable pop music, well written with decent vocals. It also contains some of the funniest lyrics you will ever hear.

However, there is one major overriding flaw with this movie and that is the way the other characters respond to Brent. What worked so well in The Office was that Brent was this horribly awkward, clumsy, narcissistic man but he was also completely harmless and tragically needy. The way his colleagues and bosses treated him was with frustration but also a level of sensitivity and understanding. People were rarely nasty to him or outwardly condescending. One of the most touching moments in the whole series was when Tim accepts his offer to go out for a drink, knowing that nobody else really wants to and that his feelings would be hurt. This compassionate handling of Brent was such a huge part of The Office’s success because nobody would enjoy watching someone so desperate for approval being consistently mocked and insulted.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens in Life on The Road. Brent’s new colleagues are generally very unpleasant to him and don’t hold anything back. The team of musicians he puts together are completely dismissive of him, refuse to interact with him and are happy to watch him flush his pensions away so they can get paid. It is often quite difficult to watch and just feels really dark and depressing. Fortunately, things improve towards the end and Doc Brown (who he clearly reveres) is always nice to him, but it is still a very uncomfortable experience for much of the movie. I don’t know why Gervais chose to introduce this dynamic, but it was certainly a fundamental error.

I’m not sure this movie ever needed to be made but the surprisingly impressive music just about justifies its existence. It’s not in the same league as The Office and nor was it likely to be, but it’s still reasonably enjoyable with some very funny Brent moments and the best parody soundtrack I have heard to date.Read More