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Deadly Prey YTS
Deadly Prey YTS
Action / Thriller
1 hr 28 min

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Deadly Prey yts
Deadly Prey movie download hd
Plot Summary:
A group of sadistic mercenaries led by Col. John Hogan kidnap Michael Danton from his home, and set him loose on the grounds of their secret camp to be used as training for new recruits. Danton has been called the “most perfect killer ever.” Now, he’ll have to prove it again. This prey has become DEADLY!
David A. Prior
Top Cast
Cameron Mitchell as Jaimy’s Father

Troy Donahue as Don Michaelson

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Deadly Prey review

Reviewed by AlsExGal

4 / 10

This is firmly in the so-bad-it’s-good category
A group of para-military mercenaries kidnap unsuspecting people off the street in order to hunt them in the forest as part of their training regimen. The mercs make a fatal mistake when they unknowingly grab ‘Nam vet and Special Forces-trained tough guy Mike Danton (Ted Prior), who proceeds to lay waste to their ranks. Also featuring Cameron Mitchell as the hero’s father-in-law, David Campbell and Fritz Matthews as the chief villains, Suzanne Tara as the damsel-in-distress, and Troy Donahue (!!!) as a corrupt senator.

This is firmly in the so-bad-it’s-good category, with a low budget accenting the film’s overly ambitious aims. Prior is a sight to behold, with his muscle physique on display for much of the film as he runs around in jean-shorts and that’s it, except for the occasional small tree branch he drapes on himself as camouflage. With his blond mullet haircut and a laughable intensity, he’s very entertaining, if not actually for the intended reasons. The film is very brutal, with lots of killings, a sexual assault, and some dismemberment. It’s produced so ham-handedly though that it’s unlikely to offend.Read More