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Action / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller
1 hr 20 min

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Plot Summary:
A bus full of strangers find themselves fighting for their lives when one of them reads from an ancient Gothic tome, bringing six dead serial killers back to life, who proceed to hunt them down one by one.
Steven Judd
Top Cast
Crystle Lightning as Girl in Trunk

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Death Factory review

Reviewed by jthaule

2 / 10

Simply horrendous
This film has exactly three good things: the location, the original main villain and the music. The music is a good tribute to the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and single handedly lifts this film from a 1 to a 2.

Apart from that the casting, the acting, the lighting, the editing, the dialogue, the plot and the sound is so bad it couldn’t even pass for a student film. Especially the casting, which is truly bad considering this film tries to include historical serial killers.

Also, the film has no proper ending, and there are several scenes that are so disjointed it seems like there are missing reels.Read More

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