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Desperate Hours YTS
Desperate Hours YTS
Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller
1 hr 45 min

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Desperate Hours yts
Desperate Hours movie download hd
Plot Summary:
An escaped con, on the run from the law, moves into a married couple’s house and takes over their lives.
Michael Cimino
Top Cast
Shawnee Smith as May Cornell

Mimi Rogers as Nora Cornell

Anthony Hopkins as Tim Cornell

Mickey Rourke as Michael Bosworth

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Desperate Hours review

Reviewed by ma-cortes

5 / 10

Mediocre and so-so retelling with thrills , tension , suspense and violence
An escaped delinquent : Michael Rourke on the run along with his two hoodlums : Elías koteas, David Morse , move into a luxurious suburb and they enter at a house where lives a married couple , Anthony Hopkins, Mimi Rogers , and their two children : Shane Smith, Gerard . At the height of fear every moment is a desperate hour. A psychotic criminal is looking for a place to call home… just for a few hours , who is stronger ? A psychopath who feeds on terror ? Or a father driven by fear .? Only time will tell. Desire is the deadliest weapon of all.

A new rendition of the classic film 1955 by William Wylerthat starred Bogart , Fredric March, Martha Scott being released thirty-five years later and the result is a n average, violent and twisted story. It is based on a play written by Joseph Hayes and subsequent novel , he also wrote the script of the William Wyler film which is based this 1990 adaptation. The original source stage play was boxoffice smash hit in Broadway and won Tony Awards for Best Play and Best Direction. However, this latter 1990 rendition was critically poor received , panned by the reviewers and was a comercial failure , while Humphrey Bogart’s adaptation had awesome critics . Furthermore , there is another version 1967 by Ted Kotcheff with George Segal , Michael Conrad , Arthur Hill, Barry Primus. Interpretations in this last 1990 recounting are uniformly acceptable . Mickey Rourke plays the psychotic criminal ,though overacting at times . The marriage couple , Anthony Hopkins and Mimi Rogers are better than Rourke. While other secondaries as Kelly Lynch , David Morse , Elías Koteas Linsay Crouse , Dean Norris , John Finch give decent performances.

The motion picture was regularly directed by Michael Cimino . Ths deceased director was an artisan who made a few but enjoyable pictures with hits and failures , such as Heaven’s Gate , Thunderbolt and Lightfoot , The Sicilian , The Sunchaser and , of course , his biggest success : The Deer Hunter . Desperate Hours rating 5/ 10. The film will appeal to Michael Rourke and Anthony Hopkins fans .Read More