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Action / Biography / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller
1 hr 29 min

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Plot Summary:
A documentary filmmaker turns his lens on an enigmatic conspiracy theorist who claims he’s found the entrance to a vast underground city populated entirely by monsters.
Adam Green
Top Cast
Tony Todd as Himself

Kane Hodder as Kane Hodder

Ray Wise as William Dekker

Joe Lynch as Himself

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Digging Up the Marrow review

Reviewed by j-nickturner

3 / 10

This is a vanity project disguised as a mockumentary
TL;DR: 3/4 self promotion of director Adam Green and his other works. 1/4 lazy adaptation of Clive Barker’s “Nightbreed”

This was a mess. The only saving grace of this movie is the amazing artwork/ creature design of the incredibly talented Alex Pardee. Oh and Ray Wise was pretty great. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to make the film enjoyable.

There is literally a montage of Green signing autographs… The beginning of the film is supposed to be meaningful. He gets lots of horror celebs to give a short testimonial about their love of the horror genre. But it is really just a montage of Green showing off his connections. This movie screams “Oh look at me! Aren’t I cool? I have tons of fans and know lots of famous people.”

Half the movie is just Adam and friends wearing t-shirts from his movies surrounded by posters of his movies with a computer screensaver of his movies… Absolutely shameless. There are so many inconsistencies in tone because Green can’t stick to the narrative and just has to keep shamelessly showing off and self-promoting.

If he wanted to make an effective mockumentary, he should’ve cast other actors and left himself out of the spotlight. But he just couldn’t help himself. This is a vanity project wearing the guise of a horror film.

Adam Green has always seemed like a hack to me. This film further solidifies that feeling. He comes across as a self-important egomaniac. In interviews he always defends the plot holes and lazy filmmaking decisions of his movies with circular reasoning and 4th wall tapping. Dude, just because you make a self-deprecating joke about portions of your movie or personality, does NOT give you an excuse to keep using lazy scripts and have a sloppy attention to detail.

What a waste of Ray Wise and Alex Pardee…Read More

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