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Dragon Nest: Warriors’ Dawn Movie Download

Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn YTS
Dragon Nest: Warriors’ Dawn YTS
2014 [CHINESE]
Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Fantasy
1 hr 28 min

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Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn yts
Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn movie download hd
Plot Summary:
For years, the land of Altera has observed an uneasy peace between the humans, the elves, and the beasts who are loyal to the legendary Black Dragon. But when the dragon wakes from its hibernation, mobilizing a force of beasts to make war, a small band of humans and elves unite in a search for the secret road to the dragon’s lair.
Yuefeng Song
Top Cast
Carrie-Anne Moss as Elena

Jessica Tuck as Neilwin

Riley Smith as Additional Voices

Lucas Grabeel as Gerrant

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Dragon Nest: Warriors’ Dawn review

Reviewed by Alcaminhante

10 / 10

I wasn’t expecting this at all !!
I’ve played the mmorpg a few times, but I hardly remember anything about it, except that I loved the visual atmosphere in it and that was what peaked my curiosity about this movie.

Now, In a day and age where most fantasy animations all have the same standart storyline seen dozens of times before , frankly I wasn’t expecting much from Dragon Nest the movie, but then it started and I knew immediately this one had something special in it. What caught my eye was that this was a non stop action movie from start to finish but somehow managed to create and develop great characters among all the chaos and most impressively used the action to tell the story and not just to look cool and impress the teen audiences.

The plot may be not that original, the characters are all mmorpgs clichés of course, but they are amazing in this story. Simply because they are so well defined and have great charisma , which is something that I wasn’t expecting at all. Also their different personalities are very well woven into the story structure and each character development marks a plot point, a twist or a revelation. If this would be a failed and boring movie, Dragon Nest would have just presented the mission plot, presented the characters and then it would have spent the entire movie flashing empty action scenes. Not in this movie folks ! In Dragon Nest the action scenes are the glue that binds everything together. It works and they are amazing. Not just because they look great but above all because they really are inventive and fun to watch. Particularly, because as I said, the action scenes are not empty and are all used to a purpose within the story structure.

This is a very, very well planned movie people. It may look like just another kids movie, but this one is really, really well directed !! I was not expecting this at all.

It’s one of the best action movies I’ve seen recently and a good example of how an incredible action movie does not have to be a visual editing mess; so this is one flick that director Michael Bay needs to watch to learn how to create meaningful action scenes where the viewer can actually see what happens on the screen and care for the fate of the characters.

All characters felt important and we cared for every little bit of action where each of one was involved, which was something that I loved, because it’s been years since I had seen animated characters that made such an impression on me. I’m still trying to understand how the makers of this movie achieved this with a plot that is nothing more than 80 minutes of action sequences. Any other movie would be extremely boring to watch, with a structure like this. Not this one. The guys who made this, know how to tell a story !! Dragon Nest is another good example of how oriental cinema is much more charismatic than most of what comes out of Hollywood this days. Oriental cinema knows how to create human characters that we care for, even if they are dragons or have just a few lines to say.

Overall I think this is a great fantasy action movie. Not that original in plot, but extremely well done in action and character development. A real case study.

The only thing I didn’t liked was the abrupt ending…I was having fun waiting for a final epilogue segment and then GONE. Is this the first episode of a television series or what ?!…

Also visually Dragon Nest feels a bit limited when it comes to fantasy environments. The fantasy world looks beautiful, but I felt we’ve just seen small glimpses of it instead of getting that open world feel. It was probably a budget thing.

And although the English dubbing is very good, I need to see this in Mandarin now, as I’m not a supporter of dubbing movies as I prefer subtitles. Nevertheless this Dragon Nest movie is a surprise. Also it’s definitely the best Chinese animation movie I’ve seen so far as most of the animation films that come out of China usually fail real bad and so I was also very surprised that this was not a Japanese project as I thought it could be. So overall, if you love fantasy movies, imaginary worlds Dragon Nest is a real hidden gem awaiting to be discovered and I hope there will be a sequel because I do want to see more of these characters please !! And I will be buying this in blu-ray if it ever comes out.

Great charming movie and this 45 year old illustrator here loved it !

Ps: there’s stuff after the credits, so watch it to the very end. ;)Read More