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Dumb and Dumber Movie Download

Dumb and Dumber YTS
Dumb and Dumber YTS
Action / Comedy
1 hr 47 min

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Dumb and Dumber yts
Dumb and Dumber movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Lloyd and Harry are two men whose stupidity is really indescribable. When Mary, a beautiful woman, loses an important suitcase with money before she leaves for Aspen, the two friends (who have found the suitcase) decide to return it to her. After some “adventures” they finally get to Aspen where, using the lost money they live it up and fight for Mary’s heart.
Peter Farrelly
Top Cast
Jim Carrey as Lloyd Christmas

Teri Garr as Helen Swanson

Lauren Holly as Mary Swanson

Charles Rocket as Nicholas Andre

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Dumb and Dumber review

Reviewed by heisenberg12

9 / 10

Hands down, the funniest movie ever made
Saw it a hundred times, and from crying in laughter to making your stomach hurt from laughing so hard, it is one of the funniest movies of all time. Caught it again recently for the over one hundredth time and tried to view it as an older skeptic, and I laughed even harder at scenes that originally were not as funny as the funniest ones. It’s just an infallible, brilliant comedy that pushes the envelope just enough without going too far like some recent imitator movies of it have done.

It’s just nonstop laughs, incredible editing and pacing to never stop being funny, and once you think you’ve seen the funniest scenes, it just keeps getting funnier and delivering all the way up to the end and epilogue. This is imo easily the funniest movie ever made, and nothing really comes close to it. It’s hard to believe, but it actually has a good, coherent backstory plot too, which also allows the supporting cast to shine in their minor comedy roles as well while making the story actually make sense. It never gets old.

9/10Read More