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Evil Ed YTS
Evil Ed YTS
Action / Comedy / Horror
1 hr 33 min

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Evil Ed yts
Evil Ed movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Edward is a friendly, harmless film cutter on the culture department. After a suicide accident, he is put on the mission to cut the “Loose limbs”-series. The blood, gore and violence causes him start go insane. Edward slowly turns into EVIL ED!
Anders Jacobsson
Top Cast
Bill Moseley as Special voice appearance

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Evil Ed review

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies

4 / 10

Slasher commentary
The editor of Loose Limbs has killed himself, so Edward Tor Swenson gets the job. However, the more that he works on the film, the closer he gets to insanity, as a mental patient tells him that he needs to “correct the world.” At once a slasher movie and a protest against Swedish censorship, Evil Ed made its way to video store shelves in the U.S. and made quite an impact. Pretty great for a movie that only played four theaters in its home country.

Screenwriter Christer Ohlsson was an editor whose job was cutting the violence from American slasher films for the European market. I would assume that he wasn’t working on them for Italy.

The title is obviously a play on Evil Dead, which is funny, because the villain of the third film, Bill Mosely, is the voice in the killer in the Loose Limbs films. They should have made those movies, because there was a scene where a woman is attacked by a beaver and then shot in the head with a bazooka.Read More

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