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Action / Adventure / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller
1 hr 43 min

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Plot Summary:
Deep in the Amazon jungle a group of scientists are on a dangerous mission. When their guide suddenly abandons them, they find themselves in a savage and hostile environment. However, things turn deadly when they find they are in the middle of a hunting ground for a pack of prehistoric predators long thought extinct.
Adam Spinks
Top Cast
Neil Newbon as Rob

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Extinction review

Reviewed by youngsteve

2 / 10

If you are looking for an exciting Dinosuar movie, look elsewhere
Most people seeing the trailer & reading the blurb will think you are getting an exciting action film involving dinosaurs or even one which is tense. Unfortunately, what you get is a film dressed up as a documentary. This wouldn’t be bad in itself if it wasn’t so poorly made, was tense, or even atmospheric. Instead you get a silly plot in which some party seems to go a few miles into the wilderness, amazon, & finds creatures from the Jurassic age. Of course you would.

On top of this you have a cameraman who is obviously drunk & has the shakes, as the camera moves all over the place & keeps going out. The only time it is steady, is when it zooms in on the leading lady’s breasts, which it does throughout the movie. In fact all the male characters seem to zoom in on them. The cameraman in the film is just as bad, irritating throughout, & you are constantly praying if someone is going to get it, it will be him. The rest of the actors are not much better, with the sole exception being the chest of the skinny broad, which seems to be the centre of attention.

If you want to watch something with no tension or atmosphere throughout, then this is for you, otherwise avoid.Read More

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