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Fahrenheit 451 Movie Download

Fahrenheit 451 YTS
Fahrenheit 451 YTS
Action / Drama / Sci-Fi
1 hr 52 min

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Fahrenheit 451 yts
Fahrenheit 451 movie download hd
Plot Summary:
In the future, the government maintains control of public opinion by outlawing literature and maintaining a group of enforcers, known as “firemen,” to perform the necessary book burnings. Fireman Montag begins to question the morality of his vocation…
François Truffaut
Top Cast
Julie Christie as Clarisse / Linda Montag

Oskar Werner as Guy Montag

Alan Ford as Fire Man

Mark Lester as Second Schoolboy

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Fahrenheit 451 review

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle

6 / 10

Fascinating but lacks tension
Based on the 1951 Ray Bradbury novel, Guy Montag (Oskar Werner) is a part of a book burning squad in the future. The world is a cold heartless place where the totalitarian government has banned all books. His wife Linda (Julie Christie) as well as the rest of society has been drugged and watching TV constantly. He falls for his lively neighbor Clarisse (Julie Christie) who turns out to be a book reader and he reads books that he confiscates.

It’s certainly an interesting piece of art. However I’m not sure it’s a great movie. There is a cold sterilized feel to the movie. The style is definitely dated. It’s a sci-fi more in keeping with the earlier era with a human touch delivered by great french filmmaker François Truffaut. He gives the somewhat flawed but fascinating source material an European touch. The dystopia world should be a lot more scarier but Truffaut is set on making the audience think. The poetic ending is fascinating but still flawed. Nevertheless, it is a very cool idea.Read More