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Action / Drama
2 hr 19 min

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Plot Summary:
In 1950s Pittsburgh, a frustrated African-American father struggles with the constraints of poverty, racism, and his own inner demons as he tries to raise a family.
Denzel Washington
Top Cast
Denzel Washington as Troy Maxson

Viola Davis as Rose Maxson

Lesley Boone as Evangelist Preacher

Mykelti Williamson as Gabriel

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Fences review

Reviewed by Sleepin_Dragon

6 / 10

The great acting helps to elevate this film.
Troy Maxson missed out on so many opportunities as a young man, held back for one reason alone, his colour, when it comes to his own family, he can’t help but be influenced by the bitterness inside of him.

It’s a solid movie, it’s one of those where when it finished, I contemplated how awesome it would be seeing this on stage, I could only imagine seeing Troy ranting to a captivated audience about the injustice of it all.

I’ve got to be honest, at times I found this quite a frustration watch, the movie’s time line seemed to randomly jump about at times, I couldn’t see the purpose it served. I found Troy quite hard to connect with, definitely an angry and frustrated guy, he seemed to take his frustrations out on those closest to him, talk about tough love.

I found the visuals very pleasing, nice camera work, very easy on the eye.

Fences is definitely well acted, Washington was very good, but Viola Davies was outstanding, I thought she stole the show, as she so always does.

6/10.Read More

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