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Plot Summary:
Popular high schoolers and best friends Shawn and Nick decide to ditch football camp for cheerleader camp. For the girls and for the glory.
Will Gluck
Top Cast
Alan Ritchson as Bruce

Julianna Guill as Another Girl

Danneel Ackles as Bianca

Margo Harshman as Sylvia

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Fired Up! review

Reviewed by dbborroughs

4 / 10

The bare minimum that a movie can do to amuse you
One of an increasing trend in American films today, namely a well made but empty and poorly written film that exists purely to generate some sort of cash flow between the various parties where the audience is ripped off both by paying to see it and then by being asked to buy the turkey again on home video (Perhaps the posters all over Manhattan that had huge F’s and U’s and the rest of the title in tiny letters are the best description of the producers attitude toward their audience). The plot has two football players refusing to go to the spring training camp because it was moved to Texas where there are no girls and instead heading off to cheerleader camp where its all women. Lowest common denominator film-making strikes again. I’m not going to say that the film isn’t funny, but it is rather one note. Once everything is set up you know how its going to go and because the script is so limited in its premise the jokes aren’t anything that you can’t figure out. I was amused for a brief instant but that was it. Its the sort of movie that that struck me as having made by several people I went to school with- where they wanted to know what the bare minimum was for a passing grade, this is the same way. If you ever want to know what the bare minimum for a lowest common denominator film aimed at purely taking you money is where you’ll laugh a bare minimum of times and be able to say that the film doesn’t totally stink, this is it.Read More