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Plot Summary:
Sam Burton’s second wife is a Kiowa, and their son is therefore born mixed-race. When a struggle starts between the whites and the native Kiowas, the Burton family is split between loyalties.
Don Siegel
Top Cast
Elvis Presley as Pacer Burton

Barbara Eden as Roslyn Pierce

Tom Fadden as Man #1 at Crossing

Richard Jaeckel as Angus Pierce

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Flaming Star review

Reviewed by ODDBear

8 / 10

Very good indeed
One of Elvis’s best films. Legendary film director Don Siegel (Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Dirty Harry) gets the most out of Elvis and the King proves here that when he had something of substance to work from, he was more than capable.

This film not only has a gripping and tragic storyline, it looks and feels authentic enough in dealing with an important chapter in American history. The film is packed with emotional moments and action and an all round good cast. If Elvis had gotten more film roles like this one, he could have become one of the great movie stars. 8 out of 10.