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Action / Romance / Thriller / War
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Plot Summary:
American crime reporter John Jones is reassigned to Europe as a foreign correspondent to cover the imminent war. When he walks into the middle of an assassination and stumbles on a spy ring, he seeks help from a beautiful politician’s daughter and an urbane English journalist to uncover the truth.
Alfred Hitchcock
Top Cast
Alfred Hitchcock as Man with Newspaper on Street

Laraine Day as Carol Fisher

Edmund Gwenn as Rowley

George Sanders as ffolliott

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Foreign Correspondent review

Reviewed by The_Void

8 / 10

Early triumph for the great Alfred Hitchcock!
It’s always good when I discover a Hitchcock film that I haven’t seen yet (not many of those left…), and this one was particularly good because it’s actually one of the great director’s better films! The film takes place shortly before the release date; namely, just before the start of World War 2 in 1939. Work began on the film shortly after Hitchcock released Rebecca, and this must have been something of a controversial picture at the time of release as the war was, at that time, confined to Europe and I guess all America got to hear about it was the reports of foreign correspondents such as the one in this film. Despite being about the war, Foreign Correspondent is not a war film but rather a story of espionage centred on the Second World War. We focus on Johnny Jones; a reporter sent to Europe to find a story about the events going on there. He takes the name Huntley Haverstock (because it’s more memorable), and soon finds himself in the middle of the world of espionage when he witnesses the murder of a famous diplomat, and follows his shooter to a windmill outside Amsterdam…

The film takes a while to get going, and unfortunately peaks a little too early as the film is at it’s best at around the middle section when our hero is hot on the trail of the spies and finds himself snooping around a windmill and climbing in through bathroom windows. Hitchcock seems keen to implement a sense of humour at this junction of the movie, whereas it gets a little too serious later on when the sense of patriotism grips hold of the movie and spoils the fun. I’ve got to say that the film is slightly too long at almost two hours, and the overall movie would have been thrilling if Hitchcock had opted to trim it a little bit. That being said, the movie is always at least interesting even at it’s worst moments and Hitchcock builds the suspense well, which ensures that the audience is always interested in what’s coming next. The acting is more than adequate also, with Joel McCrea delivering a fair lead performance and receiving good backup from the likes of Laraine Day, Herbert Marshall and best of all; George Sanders, who steals every scene he’s in. On the whole, this isn’t Hitchcock’s BEST film – but it’s a very good one and well worth seeing.Read More

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