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Friends with Kids YTS
Friends with Kids YTS
Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance
1 hr 47 min

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Friends with Kids yts
Friends with Kids movie download hd
Plot Summary:
In the wake of their friends’ marriages and eventual offspring, longtime pals Julie and Jason decide to have a child together without becoming a couple. By becoming “time-share” parents, they reason, they can experience the joys of parenthood without significantly curbing their personal freedom. However, when Julie and Jason both become involved with others, they discover that they secretly harbor romantic feelings for each other.
Jennifer Westfeldt
Top Cast
Megan Fox as Mary Jane

Jon Hamm as Ben

Kristen Wiig as Missy

Adam Scott as Jason Fryman

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Friends with Kids review

Reviewed by KineticSeoul

4 / 10

Not funny and predictable sorta romantic comedy
This was actually a pretty boring movie to sit through, I was checking the time wondering when this movie was going to end. It’s just predictable as it gets. The plot is about two best friends, one is a guy named Jason and he is a bit of a selfish prick and the other a sweet woman named Julie. And they are friends with 2 other parents. But seeing the negative side of marriage but still wanting kids. They decide to have a baby with each other but just stay as friends without the whole marriage relationship. So they both want to keep the romantic stuff and push off all the negative stuff they feel comes with marriage. So they go around having sex with other people they think they find attractive while also having a kid. It does have it’s relatable moments though, like how someone you find so darn attractive looks ugly afterwards because how they are in the inside. And how sometimes you take other people’s affection for granted and the person your true love can be right in-front of you. It still is a unfunny and dull movie to sit through.

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